Thijs Verhees

Turn-around manager
Starting out from an IT background, I have been working as a crisis management entrepreneur for B2B companies since 1985. Challenges on the edge between production and market are my strong suit. At the end of the eighties and the start of the nineties I have successfully completed more than fourteen projects as an independent turn-around manager.

Sales-Media Group
In 2003 I started the professional journal SalesExpert for the SMA (, striving to create a platform for the commercial decision makers in The Netherlands. By acquiring the professional journal SalesManagement, SalesExpert and SalesManagement continued together in January 2012 using the name SalesManagement. This magazine is now the leading commercial platform in The Netherlands. Our mission in every edition is to demonstrably contribute to the success of all stakeholders: readers, authors and commercial partners. From the investment company Tenshare Advies BV the concepts SalesManagement, SalesExpert, SalesStore and Negotiation-Partners are shaped under the flag of the Sales-Media Group

In the spare time I seem to have I am fascinated by people. They will never bore me, always keep amazing me and sometimes move me. My personal motto is “Lifelong learning”.

And by the way… if you think I may be able to help you?
Please contact me, you might even be right.

Specialismen: Sales, Marketing and Turn Around
Trainingdesign in Communication- Sales- and Negotiation skills.